Ever since its foundation in 1870, the Deutsche Bank has considered its cultural commitment to be an essential part of its commercial and social responsibility.

According to the motto "Art works," one aspect of this commitment has led since 1979 to the largest collection by a single company in the world, one which today comprises more than 56,000 works of art. The main emphasis of the collection is upon contemporary works on paper.

In 1980, the Deutsche Bank presented for the first time the exhibition series "Artist of the Financial Year. Still continuing today, this series focuses each year upon a single artist and goes on tour to museums and art institutions throughout Europe. In conjunction with the exhibitions of this series, the Deutsche Bank organizes shows dedicated to various themes which simultaneously display a cross- section of the collection and are presented in cooperation with international museums./p>

Richard Armstrong, Director of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Founda­tion and Museum.
The Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation, established in 1937, is based on the private collection of Solomon R. Guggenheim with its focus on "nonobjective" art.

Today it comprises a worldwide network of museums and cultural collaborations. Along with the spectacular Frank Lloyd Wright building in New York and the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice, exhibition houses have arisen at sites that include Bilbao and Berlin. The site in Germany established a special connection to the historical roots of the Guggenheim Foundation, inasmuch as the Guggenheim family originally came from Germany and Hilla Rebay, the first director of the Guggenheim Museum, emigrated to New York from what was at that time Prussia.

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Each year the Deutsche Guggenheim presents four first-rate exhibitions with a focus upon the art of the 20th and 21st century.